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Lowes Storage Sheds

There are different types of Lowes storage sheds, each one of them varying in both pricing and style. Generally, these sheds are widely known for their sturdy build and good quality and may cost about $140 up to $1500. Some of the reasons why these sheds have a huge variation in pricing are because of their style, material used and their size.

A number of Lowes storage sheds generally are very small and measure 72" x 22" while there are other sheds which are very large and measure 12' x 17'. Depending on a person's need and the space available, any size of the shed is available. There are some sheds that come pre-installed and are usually delivered to one's door while there are those that come when they are boxed and need very minimal directions. Some Lowes storage sheds mostly the very big ones usually have all the necessary pieces for one to build the storage shed themselves.

Also, Lowes storage sheds vary greatly in style. Some of the sheds are simple and have the design of horizontal rectangle-shaped prism while there are others that look almost identical to a mini-house and have a sloped roof. The sloped roof design is more ideal if one lives in an area with lots of snow and in case you are searching for a storage shade that is small in size, then the rectangle-shaped prism is the most ideal storage shed.

In addition, Lowes storage sheds are available in different materials such as:

• Wood
• Metal
• Vinyl
• Plastic

Depending on one's needs as well as the kind of climate they live in, they may find one type of material to be more perfect than others.

Wooden Sheds
These types of sheds have elevated wooden floor, sturdier rooftop and doorways, interior headroom of seven feet or more and some of the sheds have skylights and windows. They may be custom designed or fabricated and one is able to choose from the various architectural features, including cupolas, gabled roofs, doors, windows boxes and windows. The wooden shed can also be painted to match the color of your house.

Vinyl Sheds
These types of storage sheds provide an efficient and quick means of fixing small storage problems. They are resistant to any weather condition and will not rust, dent or deteriorate and may be fire retardant. No foundation is required and many of them have a floor of molded plastic material. The actual walls are strengthened using metal-reinforced walls columns.

Metal Sheds
Metal sheds are the most common solution for backyard storage and are available in form of a kit. These sheds are available in various styles, shades, sizes, door configurations, roof models and prices. They usually need assembly but normally instructions are included and you must construct them and anchor with a foundation. Lowes storage sheds may offer an anchoring kit and a base.

Plastic sheds
These sheds are available in vertical and horizontal types and come in different sizes and shapes. They are durable, affordable, easy to set up and can be resistant to humid weather or moisture.

Therefore, if you are looking for a storage shed that will compliment your home environment or fit in the space that you have, you can choose from any of the Lowes storage sheds available, with the best deals usually found online.